Monday, January 23, 2006

Language science

I have a language scientest tomorrow. So I'm sutudying that all day and thinking about the black people.
Black people have been discriminated for many years. It's not over yet.
There is a special language spoken by black people. For example, the rap music's language is different from normal pop music. The feature of that is the absence of 'be' and multiple subjects, double negation and so on. For example, 'this my brother', 'Jacob he go?', 'Don't tell nobody where they at.'.
For long time, this langage had been thought that the black people couldn't speak properly becouse their intelligence is low from the others. But it's not true. Black people has a original knowledge of langage in their before head.
I didn't know that before I learned in the class. And I think that it is mistake to think that black people who live in America speak same langage as we learn in school.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coming of age day

Last week was a "coming of age day"
I am going to be 20 years old this year. And the day has a very special meaning in Japan.
I really worried about wearing a Kimono that my face is really like a westner. But I really loved to wear a Kimono.
The ceremony was bit boring but I could see my old friends and nobody had changed so much as it was.
After the eremony, I had a full realization of come of age. I am going to get a job in near future.
I want to enjoy my school life, but I have to think about my future....

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I am in the communication of this college. Classes are very interesting and I'm preparing for next week's presentation. Our topic is "Is the habit becomes a culture?". It's bit difficult question becouse a habit is a field of psychology. So I'm really stock now... I have to write the draft untill tomorrow morning but I'm nodding now. Please if someone of you have a nice idea, write a comment in this blog.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Christmas day

Next month is December. It means that the Christmas day is coming soon. I'm not a religious Christian but my family used to spent Christmas day at charch, singing carol and pray to the god.
Many (maybe,most) people in Japan mistake the mianing of Christmas day. They think the day is someting special for lovers and kids. For kids, it's not so wrong but why the lovers? The media reports special proglam for them to how to spent romantic night. And Japanese are forcus on especially in Chiristmas Eve! It's so crious. I wonder when the mysterious tradition had been made. I have to investigate that and if I get the answer, I'll write on this blog.

Monday, November 14, 2005


The theme of today's lesson was a "nationalism". It's was quite difficult theme for me. Because I don't think I am real Japanese. Also, not real british. I grown up each country and I used to speak English more fluentary than Japanese. But I'm living in Japan so long and almost all of my friends are Japanese. I commune with Japanese culture. But only that,I can't explain my nationalism.
Now, I have a 2 passports, Japanese and British(European). So I'm regally admited in two countries. I can get 2 nationalities until I'm 22years old. But if I get Japanese one, it means that I'm not british? It's very difficult question. Why should I choose only one? And half-breed peopl
e like me can't get 2 nationalism? There are so many questions that I have to think about....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Recent incident

I've been thinking about recent incident that 16 years old girl tried to kill her mothe by using poison. This is totally unusual. Plus that she'd been observing her mother's condition and writing a diary on the blog. Several month before, 12 years old girl tried to kill her class mate in her scool in Nagasaki. The in cident was happend by the blog. When I was in elementary scool, I never used the I was in elementary scool, I never used the internet. Internet was not so popular at that time. Also I think that there are many dangerous imformation on the internet. So children are very dangerous to use that. Government should think about the regulation of using internet by children.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mosaic nation and melting spot

We have a debate today. Actually, we lose the debate today. But I want to wright about what I think about the mosaic and melting spot nation. In mosaic nation, there are many ethnic groups and various identities. So there are possibility of the conflict. It is inevitable becouse it's natural that people whose identities are defferent can't accept each other easily. In this point the pelting spot is better. But, today the world is more and more internationalized and we have to adapt oneself to the changing new world. It is said that we must understand other culture and to cooperate with others. So I think the mosaic counry is better than melting spot.